Nursery in Clementi, Nursery in Clementi, Nursery in west coast

Nursery in Clementi, Nursery in Clementi, Nursery in west coast
bigfoot preschool
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The natural actions and destinations are alike to the Toddler (Joey) group, nevertheless as the child's natural movements and cognitive abilities continue to evolve, this is where we introduce structure, progressive themes and harder skills sets to ensure developmental progress of their age.

The purposeful play programme is aligned to all our learning materials and sessions with our 3Cs model; Creativity, Concentration and Curiosity. Thus, each area allows the child to learn and develop at their natural pace and values the child's individual strengths.

Intellectual Development through purposeful play;

Language Development; At this age we avoid the baby talk with the children and treat them as "mini" adults that they are. As their ability to convey their needs sees a plus curvature, we introduce Jolly Phonics which is a multi- sensory and child-centred approach to teaching language. The use of actions and sounds keeps the child interested and motivated to learn core language skills such as the ABCs.

Literature; As their vocabulary, speech and comprehension abilities grow, we begin to bring in literature using the Big Book concept, where the kids sit together and listen to the teacher read a story out aloud, following which they will engage in craft activities and a "question & answer" session about the tale, thus stimulating their language development.

Sensorial & Conceptual learning; At this age children are able to engage in pretend play and have a sound ability to work with their five senses. Thus we begin to engage them in collective concepts such as pre-writing the alphabets and numeral formations through sand play.

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