Best Preschools in Clementi, Good Kindergarten in Clementi, Kindergarten in west coast

Best Preschools in Clementi, Good Kindergarten in Clementi, Kindergarten in west coast
bigfoot preschool
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Posted: 2017-09-25


At Big Foot Preschool we believe that the best means to help children be ready for their future is to teach them to take small steps to a big future. That stands for offering them every opportunity to watch and learn to build critical thinking skills to empower their minds. We provide the tools and resources necessary to ensure that our teachers are able to bring out the best in your child whilst they have fun learning.

We approach teaching and learning in a holistic way, therefore our curriculum encourages purposeful play. Our curriculum is unparalleled because we realize that a child's learning abilities are like their DNA - it takes on attributes based on the child. Based on Howard Gardner's 8 multi intelligences (Visuals-Spatial, Bodily Kinaesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical and Naturalist) and an Australian methodology that puts heavy importance on purposeful play, the curriculum and teaching practices at Big Foot Preschool initiate the child's potential for reading while the characteristics of play are maintained.

Interdisciplinary teaching ensures that our kids are able to learn concepts, absorb knowledge and acquire ideas from more than one area of learning and purposeful play, that is kept structured through a specific theme each term.

A child's readiness for school is synchronized by their emotional, physical and social advancement, thus purposeful play at Big Foot Preschool allows children to be engaged and motivated in an environment that allows them to cast all their skills in context every day.

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